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Root canal

When dealing with an infected tooth or an abscess, a root canal procedure is generally the most efficient treatment option. If the patient desires to preserve the tooth, antibiotics alone are usually not effective. This is because antibiotics are unable to reach the root of the tooth, and once the patient discontinues taking the antibiotics, the infection is likely to reoccur. Consequently, a root canal is performed to thoroughly cleanse the tooth and seal it to prevent further infection, enabling the body to fully recover.

During a root canal procedure, the dentist will carefully access the infected tooth and utilize specific instruments to thoroughly eliminate the infection. Once the infection has been eradicated, the tooth is filled with a specialized material that effectively seals it, preventing any potential future infections. This comprehensive treatment not only resolves the infection but also enables you to retain your natural tooth.

Is a root canal a painful procedure?

The belief that root canals are painful is a widespread misconception. Unfortunately, due to this misconception, many individuals choose to avoid root canals and endure the discomfort of infections, which can ultimately result in tooth loss. It is crucial to recognize that a root canal is a beneficial treatment as it allows for tooth preservation. With the advancements in modern anesthetics, the procedure has become significantly more comfortable for patients.

Tooth infection symptoms

If you encounter any of the following symptoms, please contact us promptly or schedule an appointment:

  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity to temperature
  • Intense pain when eating or exerting pressure on a tooth
  • Swelling or the presence of small pimple-like sores near the affected tooth
  • Pulsating sensation within the tooth

It is important to address these symptoms promptly as an infected tooth can not only cause discomfort while eating and drinking but also give rise to more severe health issues.