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Why whiten?

The fastest method to transform your smile is through teeth whitening. The daily consumption of a cup of coffee or an evening glass of red wine gradually affects the visual appeal of your teeth. However, in just a single hour at our office, you can eliminate years’ worth of stains from your teeth. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, job interview, or party, professional teeth whitening can provide the confidence boost you desire.

Experience the transformation of your smile

our office, we can enhance your smile within a span of one hour, erasing years’ worth of stains. Teeth discoloration is a widespread occurrence and can be attributed to various factors, including:

• Aging • Consumption of brightly colored foods • Coffee intake • Dark juices • Smoking • Soda consumption • Tea consumption • Wine consumption

Fortunately, the negative impact these factors have on the aesthetics of your teeth doesn’t have to be permanent.

When you arrive for your teeth whitening session, you can unwind and enjoy a comfortable experience. We utilize a gentle formula specifically designed to minimize sensitivity, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. The entire process typically lasts around 45 to 60 minutes and delivers immediate, noticeable results, with the potential of achieving up to 8 shades of brightness.

The initial stage of the procedure involves preparation. A protective barrier gel will be carefully applied to shield your gums and lips from any potential effects of the treatment. Following the application of the barrier gel, the teeth whitening gel is administered. The gel is activated using a UV light, expediting the whitening process. These steps are repeated multiple times, with intervals of 15 minutes, until the desired results are attained, allowing you to leave with a noticeably brighter smile!